UV Resistant 30-Day Stucco Masking Tape

VI-N6149 is a UV resistant red polyethylene tape used by professional stucco contractors. It is used to protect and mask windows, profiles and door frames during outdoor stucco application on building walls. Engineered with a high performance rubber adhesive, it is designed to bond well to most surfaces and provide clean removal in 30 days. It also provides a watertight seal in a range of weather conditions.

  • VI-N6149 | ECHOtape UV Resistant 30-Day Red Stucco Masking Tape


  • Designed to protect window and door frames in outdoor stucco masking applications
  • Designed for single family, multi-family and commercial construction projects

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent holding power and durability
  • Outstanding UV resistance lasting up to 30 days
  • Residue free when removed within 30 days
  • 防水
  • Hand tearable, leaving a clean edge
  • Conforms to uneven surfaces
  • Holds strong which prevents lifting
  • Trusted by professional contractors nationwide


1.89 in x 60 yd | 48mm x 55m

Technical Data

Carrier 聚乙烯薄膜
Adhesive Rubber
Total Thickness 7 mils
Tensile 22 lbs/in
Adhesion 75 oz/in
Elongation 90%
Color Red