All Weather Construction Seaming Tape

PE-M4535 is a next generation seaming tape for the construction professional looking for superior performance. Formulated with a proprietary cold weather adhesive, it is engineered to adhere to a wide range of building materials and surfaces including house wrap, exterior and rigid insulation, sheathing, vapor barriers and a variety of underlayments. Made from an advanced polyester backing, it is extremely strong and easy to apply. Available in red, silver and white, it is a versatile product used in a wide variety of building envelope sealing applications.

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  • Use to seam the building envelope
  • Use to seam house wrap
  • Use to seam a variety of insulation including polyisocyanurate and reflective insulation
  • Use to seam exterior sheathing
  • Use to seam vapor barriers including polyethylene films
  • Use to seam a variety of flooring and roofing underlayments

Features & Benefits

  • Tape is hand tearable and easy to use in the field
  • Strong and durable holding power
  • Excellent cold temperature adhesion to -4°F
  • Minimum 90 day UV resistance
  • Instant tack on a wide variety of materials that strengthens over time
  • Made from an advanced polyester film (PET)
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Good conformability to irregular surfaces
  • Colors allow for easy inspection


1.89 in x 54.6 yd | 48 mm x 50 m

Technical Data

Carrier PET Film
Adhesive Acrylic
Total Thickness 3.38 mils
Tensile 20 lbs/in
Adhesion 60 oz/in
Application Temperature -4°F to 105°F (-20°C to 40°C)
Service Temperature -40°F to 148°F (-40°C to 120°C)
Color White, silver, red