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Choosing the Best Stucco Tape for Building & Construction | via ECHOtape

March 26, 2021|

The Tape That Stands Up to Stucco

As a surface material, stucco is renowned for its beauty and versatility. In fact, did you know that every building tradition in human history has used stucco in some way, shape, or form? The recipe—usually some combination of cement, lime, and fine sand—may have varied,[...]

2019 Stucco Market Report | ECHOtape.com

October 22, 2019|

2019 Stucco Market Trends and Industry Report

If you are curious about the future of stucco, look no further than the SMA’s 2019 Market Report. Established in 1957, the Stucco Manufacturer’s Association (SMA) is dedicated to the research, standards, education, training, and promotion of the stucco trades across North America. In 2016,[...]